Chocolate Heaven Herbal Blend

Chocolate Heaven Herbal Blend

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PROUD to introduce to you our NEW tasty, nutritious and delicious, masterfully woven with Natures botanical herbal gifts, organic chocolate herbal blend!

Perfect for hot chocolates, added to smoothies, homemade chocolates, ice-cream, homemade sauce, sprinkled on cereal, mochas, baking and just about anything else!

Helps nourish and smoothen out any caffeine effects from chocolate .

No artificial ingredients or sugar.
Naturally sweetened with herbal roots and fruits that nourish the adrenals, chi, and immune system and provide a wide array of powerful plant phytonutrients.

Embodied and boosted with time proven famous herbs to bolster, balance and boost your health and energy naturally.

Induge yourself. A whopping 1.6g per 5g serving, 3x more than most other brands that do 500mg per serving.



Organic unroasted cacao 60%
Chaga (immune system, Cancer, antioxidants)
Goji (mood, anitoxidants, immune,taste, )
Prepared rehmannia (Kidney & adrenals)
Lions mane (brain health, focus)
Codonopsis (Energy, Digestions & Sweet Taste).
White atracylodes (Energy, Digeation & Sweet Taste)
Astrag(Energy, Immune System, Digestion & taste).
Red jujube (Blood & taste).


How to take:


1 - 2 tsps per serving with a drink or milk of your choice!

Blessings abundant, Joy and love to you, your taste buds and body and your family!

Owen Fox