Bones and JOINT Herbal Formula. Supports Tissue Repair, Ligaments, Tendons, Cartilage, Inflammation & Pain

Bones and JOINT Herbal Formula. Supports Tissue Repair, Ligaments, Tendons, Cartilage, Inflammation & Pain

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Our Bones and Joint formula is a wonderful set of various herbs powered by Mother Nature to both build and protect your bones, ease inflammation and pain, and to assist your teeth which are part of the bone system, as well as many other benefits as you'll see, as is the benefits of herbs (multiple functions!). I hope you enjoy!


BulletStrengthens the skeleton and joints
BulletConsidered to be one of the great longevity tonics
BulletEffective marital tonic for men and women
BulletRegulates blood pressure



Anti haemorrhagic


Anti septic, astringent


Provides cardiac support


Used to regulate heavy menstrual bleeding


Helpful for incontinent conditions such as bed wetting and bladder problems


Promotes the healing of wounds


High amounts of silica


Strengthen ligaments, bones, cartilage and tendons


Can be used to cool fevers


Strengthens the kidneys and bladder


Relieves symptoms of cystitis, ulcers and infections


Assists the absorption of calcium


Used to treat prostate problems and disease


Effective treatment for tuberculosis, ulcers, urinary tract infections and kidney stones

Dandelion Leaf

Bullet Bone Health: Dandelions are rich in calcium, which is essential for the growth and strength of bones, and they are rich in antioxidants like vitamin-C and Luteolin, which protect bones from age-related damage. This inevitable impairment is often due to free radicals, and is frequently seen as bone frailty, weakness, and decreased density.
Bullet Incredibly high in vitamins A and C, dandelion leaves can help repair damaged tissue and help the liver clear toxins out of the blood. Studies, although limited, have also shown anti-inflammatory properties due to the linoleic and linoleic acid in them. Linoleic is an essential fatty acid required by the body to produce prostaglandin-which basically regulates immune responses and suppresses inflammation. Because of its involvement with immune responses, dandelion shows great potential when it comes to treating rheumatoid arthritis in particular.
Bullet These greens also contain vitamins C and B6, thiamin, riboflavin, calcium, iron (crucial for generating red blood cells), potassium (to help regulate heart rate and blood pressure), and manganese. Other nutrients present in dandelion greensinclude folate, magnesium, phosphorus, and copper.
Bullet Normal bile production supports efficient digestion which utilizes nutrients and purges toxins.
Bullet Encourages fat metabolization, which is an excellent forward to achieving normal lipid levels
Bullet Helps to purify the blood.
Bullet Promotes normal blood sugar levels.
Bullet Kidney - This weed-like superfood is a diuretic that helps the kidneys clear out waste, salt, and excess water by increasing urine production. In French it is called pissenlit, which translates roughly to “wet the bed.” This inhibits microbial growth in the urinary system too. Dandelion also replaces some of the potassium lost in the process.
Bullet The health benefits of dandelion include relief from liver disorders, diabetes, urinary disorders, acne, jaundice, cancer and anemia. It also helps in maintaining bone health, skin care and is a benefit to weight loss programs.
Bullet Jaundice: Jaundice is primarily a disorder of the liver in which the organ starts overproducing bile, which ultimately enters the bloodstream and wreaks havoc on the bodys metabolism. The excess bile is also reflected through color of the skin and eyes, which typically develop a yellow tint. The treatment of jaundice includes three main steps. First, you need to curb the production of bile. Second, you must remove the excess bile from the body, and third, you have to fight the underlying viral infection.
Dandelions are very helpful in all of these steps. It promotes liver health and regulates bile production. Being diuretic in nature, it promotes urination, where the excess bile can be eliminated. Finally, as an antioxidant and disinfectant due to the presence of vitamin-C and Luteolin, it fights viral infections as well. It is most beneficial when taken with sugarcane juice, since it replaces the sugar in the body that is significantly lowered due to the impact of excess bile. A lack of sugar can cause extreme fatigue and weakness, so dandelions help boost your energy levels after infection!
Gall Bladder Disorders: Gall Bladder Disorders: Dandelions are very beneficial for the gall bladder and liver, because they improve their general functioning, protects them from ill effects of oxidants and infections, and regulates the various secretions from both organs.
Bullet Animal studies have shown how dandelion lowers and controls cholesterol levels while improving cholesterol ratios by raising HDL.


Lowers cholesterol

Increases stamina and vigour

Used as an aid to help people recovering from long term illnesses

Supports the nervous system

Carries antispasmodic properties

Used in the treatment of a wide range of nervous conditions

Combats fatigue and exhaustion

Can be used to reduce anxiety and related conditions such as ADHD

Used to combat problems such as varicose veins, obesity and irritations related to the digestive tract

It has been shown to have anti cancer properties especially hindering the growth of tumours

Helpful for lowering blood sugar and is used in the treatment of diabetics

Burdock root

Used in the treatment of skin afflictions such as eczema, psoriasis and acne

Effective for reducing the pain of inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, rheumatism and gout

Assists in treating influenza, liver and gall bladder disorders

Enhances the performance of the toxin eliminating organs such as the liver, colon and kidneys

Excellent blood purifier

Removes toxins from the blood

Cats Claw

BulletHelp fight both viral and fungal infections such as Herpes and Candida
BulletContains glycosides, proanthocyanidins and beta sitosterol which help provide anti-viral and anti-inflammatory support for the body. These alkaloids also exert a beneficial effect on memory.
BulletReduces pain and inflammation of rheumatism, arthritis and other types of inflammatory problems.
BulletPromotes the healing of wounds.
BulletCan be useful for treatment of gastric ulcers and intestinal complaints.
BulletHelps to relieve chronic pain.
BulletEnhance immunity by stimulating the immune system.
BulletHelps people experiencing stomach and bowel disorders, including colitis, Crohn's disease, irritable bowel syndrome, leaky bowel syndrome, gastritis and duodenal ulcers, intestinal inflammation.


Bullet Anti-inflammatory

Turmeric has been used for centuries in many parts of the world for its healing properties. In addition to being an antioxidant, it has powerful anti-inflammatory, anticancer, anti-aging and even memory-enhancing properties. The main bioactive part of turmeric is called curcumin, and it is the curcumin that gives turmeric its unique yellow color. In clinical settings, curcumin has been used to reduce inflammation after an operation.

Bullet Respiratory conditions

In Ayurvedic medicine, the turmeric root is used to treat asthma, allergies and wheezing. Meanwhile, the essential oil of turmeric is effective against disorders of the respiratory tract, since it removes sputum, relieving cough and preventing asthma.

Bullet Alleviates digestive problems

Turmeric was used in a partially blind randomized study to assess its efficacy in reducing symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome in healthy adults. The study found that there were significant improvements after treatment with tablets of standardized turmeric extract, and that there were even reports of improvement in bowel patterns overall.

Bullet Turmeric boosts the bodys own antioxidant enzymes

When taken as a routine dietary supplement, curcumin can protect against mercury exposure. In fact, in rats, treatment with curcumin was effective in preventing toxicity induced by TCDD (Agent Orange) exposure. Curcumin is a free radical scavenger and can act as a shield against certain kinds of environmental toxins. How does curcumin have the capacity to do so much good for our bodies?

In Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology, the researchers explain, “The anti-inflammatory effect of curcumin is most likely mediated through its ability to inhibit cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2), lipoxygenase (LOX), and inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS). COX-2, LOX, and iNOS are important enzymes that mediate inflammatory processes. Improper upregulation of COX-2 and/or iNOS has been associated with the pathophysiology of certain types of human cancer as well as inflammatory disorders.” The study goes on to explain how inflammation is very closely tied to tumor growth, and the anti-inflammatory property of curcumin may be key to preventing the beginning of cancer formation.

Bullet Treatment for depression

Curcumin can immobilize the monoamine oxidase enzyme (MAO). MAO dysfunction (in the form of too much or too little MAO activity) has been linked to depression, schizophrenia and other psychiatric and neurological disorders. Curcumin can inhibit MAOs and influence the release of serotonin and dopamine, which are neurotransmitters that have been associated with depression.

Bullet Naturally occurring nutrients inside turmeric

Turmeric contains essential vitamins and nutrients including vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, phosphorous and other beneficial plant nutrients. In turmeric, you will find curcuminoids, which are antioxidants. Turmeric contains three curcuminoids, all of which are major bioactive components (curcumin, desmethoxycurcumin and bisdesmethoxycurcumin).


Bullet Possible treatment for type 2 diabetes

One study found that curcumin can reverse hyperglycemia, insulin resistance and inflammatory symptoms that occur with obesity. Curcumin can also reduce some complications stemming from diabetes and increase postprandial (after meal) serum insulin levels. In one study, researchers suggested that curcumin could be used as a therapeutic option for treating chronic neuropathic (nerve) pain associated with diabetes.

Bullet Treatment for back pain, sports injuries or whiplash

National Health Service general practitioner Dr. Uzma Ali recommends taking turmeric after an injury for its anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation is one of the main causes of sports-related pain from injury, and reducing inflammation can ease the pain from an injury. Dr. Ali told the Daily Mail, “Now, if I see patients with problems like sports injuries, back pain, whiplash, fibromyalgia or sciatica, I suggest that they add a supplement of curcumin to their treatment – or, if they cant take painkillers, that they use it as their primary remedy.”

Bullet Could curcumin banish fear memories?

Curcumin may even prevent bad memories from being stored, according to researchers who did a bizarre study on rats and fear. If the curcumin-rich diet did in fact prevent bad memories from being stored, then it is possible that curcumin could be used to treat psychological disorders, such as post-traumatic stress disorder. In the abstract of the study published by Neuropsychopharmacology, researchers said, “Here, we examined the efficacy of dietary curcumin at impairing the consolidation and reconsolidation of a Pavlovian fear memory, a widely studied animal model of traumatic memory formation in posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).”


Nettle Leaf

Bullet Nettles are insanely good for you, containing protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, beta-carotene, along with vitamins A,C, D, and B complex, all in a form that is easy for the body to use.
Stinging nettle is a wicked herb for those with all types of arthritis and gout. Its anti-inflammatory amazing-ness combined with its minerals (boron, calcium, magnesium and silicon) ease pain while helping to build strong bones. Nettle leaf relieves and prevents water retention and inflammation and nourishes the kidneys and adrenals.
A side note: many arthritis sufferers have found that striking the inflamed joint with a fresh cutting from a nettle plant helps relieve joint pain (the stinging part of the nettles draws blood to the joint, relieving pain and inflammation). I know this sounds like a nutty treatment, but the brave amongst you can give it a try.


Here are the top ginger health benefits proven by medical studies:
1. Stroke and Heart Disease
2. Indigestion and Nausea
3. Malabsorption - Helps promote regular digestion and metabolism of your food and is largely responsible for promoting a strong immune system.
4. Compromised Immunity and Respiratory Function
Ayurvedic medicine has praised gingers ability to boost the immune system before recorded history. It believes that because ginger is so effective at warming the body, it can help break down the accumulation of toxins in your organs. Its also known to cleanse the lymphatic system, our bodys sewage system.
Dr. Oz says, “By opening up these lymphatic channels and keeping things clean, ginger prevents the accumulation of the toxins that make you susceptible to infections, especially in the respiratory system.” Combining ginger oil and eucalyptus oil is an effective remedy to boost immunity and improve breathing.
5. Bacterial Infections
The Journal of Microbiology and Antimicrobials published a study in 2011 that tested just how effective ginger is in enhancing immune function. Comparing the ability of ginger to kill Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus pyogenes with conventional antibiotics.
The drugs — chloramphenicol, ampicillin and tetracycline — just couldnt stand up to the antibacterial prowess of the ginger extract. This is important because these two bacteria are extremely common in hospitals and oftentimes cause complications to an already immune-compromised patient.
Key takeaway: If you ever need to go to the hospital for surgery or to visit a friend, make sure you bring some ginger essential oil with you and add a couple drops to your water. Youre less likely to get a dangerous staph infection, and it can help speed the healing process! Other healing remedies that are effective against infections include oregano oil, clove oil and melaleuca oil.
6. Fungal Infections
One of the trickier issues to control because theyre increasingly resistant to conventional medicine, fungal infections dont stand a chance against ginger. Of the 29 plant species evaluated in a Carleton University study, ginger won the prize for having the extract most effective at killing fungus.
Key takeaway: For a powerful antifungal punch, mix several drops of pure ginger essential oil with tea tree oil with one teaspoon of coconut oil, and apply up to three times a day.
7. Ulcers and GERD
Since the 1980s, researchers have known that ginger can cure stomach ulcers. More recently, Indian scientists have been able to more closely quantify this medicinal effect. In a study published in the journal Molecular Nutrition and Food Research, they discovered the ginger was six to eight times more potent than Prevacid, the drug of choice to treat GERD!
8. Pain
Ginger is known for its anti-pain property. Very similar to how capsaicin works to relieve pain, gingerol acts on vanilloid receptors, which are located on sensory nerve endings. Similar to the initial intense burning feel you get when you consume spicy pepper, gingers burn only lasts but a second, and researchers discovered that it “affects the pain pathways directly but also relieves the inflammation, which in itself causes pain.”
9. Cancer
Working with mice without immune systems, University of Minnesota scientists discovered that three weekly feedings of [6]-gingerol delayed the growth of colorectal cancer cells. University of Michigan researchers confirmed these results with ovarian cancer. In fact, they found that “Ginger treatment of cultured ovarian cancer cells induced profound growth inhibition in all cell lines tested.”
Key takeaway: The executive director of the Herbal Medicine Research and Education Centre, Basil Roufogalis, advised that, “The most likely way to administer ginger as a painkiller would be in the form of a tea taken several times a day, but more work needs to be done on the amount of ginger powder needed per dose to take effect, and the time required between doses.” For most people, taking 1,000 milligrams of powdered ginger root is effective — or two drops two times daily of ginger essential oil.
10. Diabetes
Gingerols are widely known to naturally improve diabetes and enhance insulin sensitivity. Building off this knowledge, a 2006 study out of the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry discovered that they could also suppress sorbitol accumulation in human blood cells and sugar-fed rats. Simply put, ginger not only helps prevent and reverse diabetes itself — it protects against and improves diabetic complications like diabetic retinopathy!



Bullet Licorice root has anti-inflammatory properties that can ease the pain of arthritis and other inflammatory diseases. 

BulletHarmoniser, Helps all other ingredients to work together more easily
BulletDelicious flavour takes away any rough edges, of any other ingredients
Bullet Very detoxifying of chemicals and pollutants in the body.

This is a small overview of just a few of the most relevant benefits. Books could, and have, been written extolling the virtues of each particular herb, and the sum of all of them combined in this perfectly balanced formula is greater than the individual herbs. If you're interested I highly recommend you research and find out more, you will be fascinated and enthralled, as I am, by their amazingly diverse benefits and long history of effective use


How to take

Joyfully and gratefully, simply add to either cold or warm water, or add to your favorite juice, smoothie or even soup! You can even eat it from the spoon should you like! Depending on the taste. I've personally done all of these!

It's also important and powerful to take intentionally and with gratitude, appreciation and thanksgiving to the plants, Mother Earth/Gaia, and the Sun, and even any and all of the humans who helped and were involved, and to all parts and elements of nature and the ecosystems that played their part in bringing this final product to you. This will enhance the vibration of the food, and your own vibration, and incur greater health benefits and benefits to us all as an energetic collective.

Joyfully, gratefully, and with generous dollops of appreciation and excitement!

Owen! :D