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SUPER Supergreens is super energizing and cleansing. High quality stuff. Made a huge difference in my everyday, physically, mentally, emotionally. I love it. <3 I started slowly, putting 1/2 tbsp in my morning smoothie, now 3 tbsp and it works great. It does not override the taste of my smoothie, just brings a greener (and nice) taste to it. Its effect is unmistakable. So happy I got the 1000g in the first place... TY so much!!! - Gigi

“Owen truly has something special here out of the 7 years taking pretty much ever green formula you can think of this one is the best I started with 250 gram I will be ordering the 1000 gram from now on!!!" - Kevin

Gigi & Kevin

One of my favorites out of all the herbs I've tried. My love for gynostemma was realised in the typical, 'You don't know what you've got till it's gone', scenarios. When I ran out I noticed something in my day was missing. Gynostemma truly is spectacular for your day to begin and for winding down in the evening. I felt so rejuvenated the next morning after a cup before bed and plenty of sleep. This is one of only a few herbs that I would love to have every single day from now on. Thank you sincerely Owen, for aiding in the betterment of my quality of life through your excellent quality gynostemma. Peace and Light.


“Just a quick note to say THANKYOU Owen for the Cleanse and Rejuvenate.. I have had them about a week and wow the past two days really noticed the difference in my energy levels and today just bounced out of bed feeling AMAZING. Cant wait to add the Greens and more to my diet. Also big thank you for the great service and advice. Eternal love, blessings and deep gratitude to you!”

Neva - USA

I would love to take this (Serenity Formula) twice daily for life. It seems pricey, so I haven't gotten it a 2nd time. I am going to get it for my own Christmas present though. I had some AMAZING dream experiences which were interactive and helped me not only deal with life traumas, but also get a better understanding of how the universe works! Sounds crazy but I swear God/Source was using this experience to symbolically explain that life is actually supposed to be an adventure. To show we make our own decisions, and are more empowered than we think we are. I highly recommend at least trying it. <3

Kristen - USA

Owen really has put together an amazing combination of herbs he truly knows his herbs . My general all round fitness and strength both physically and spiritually greatly improved when l combined the Strength formula with Tongkat Ali you will not be disappointed my passion greatly improved you will not be disappointed


heyy owen Thank you very much for the ho shou wu, it was just mind blowing and shipping is quite fast i appreciate lots of your service and herbs as well you've do a great job to satisfy your clients keep it up peace and love stay bless - Sondaree

"“Hello Super Mushroom! Morning "coffee" will never be the same again! This is now my favorite Go To Tea blend. I find that after a "sample" tasting, I am no longer just a fan, I am one "hooked" user:>) You want results ... this blend just spoke to my soul and my soul said "Dude, we are in Love!" That's when you know you found the right product. (besides the price is more than fair ... which doesn't hurt!) Try This!!” - Don Hall


The effects of Reishi really are more than I could have expected before taking it. It gives me a beautiful calm when I drink, makes meditation a lot easier and also seems to make me feel a lot more balanced throughout the day. I also can feel it's subtle heart opening abilities and that is really why I think it's so special. Your reishi is the best quality reishi I've come across and Im glad I found such an easy and effective spiritual aid. Thank you!

Shane - Ireland

I found this to be excellent quality chaga having tried two other brands already. The effects I could feel immediately. It boosted my mood and gave me more energy. I also notice my skin has a more even tone after only taking it a few days. I would highly recommend everyone try chaga at least once in their life to see what it can do for them

Shane - Ireland

Products from this site never cease to amaze me I bought this cordyceps along with a few other products and tested them one by one and my energy and performance levels in the gym and through out the day are on an all time high due to cordyceps another brilliant product I recommend.

I've been buying a few products from higherselfherbs recently and this Tongkat Ali is one if my favourites if I have to describe this product in one word it would be WOW that is not an overstatement I felt this product within a few hours and it is unbelievable on day 5 now of taken Tongkat Ali and it does what it says. I highly recommend this one. I'll be taking the rest of my products in the next few weeks and I'll let you all know what I think about them.

Abdulrahman (both)