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Chocolate Heaven Herbal Blend 150g

I want to get Chocolate Heaven!


Single Herbs


“This stuff is amazing, it literally makes me feel like I am restoring life and regenerating. I can already notice a different look in my eyes like more of a glow, the dryness on my skin especially my face is completely gone! if you are looking to heal this stuff is definitely it.”

Chris - Rejuvenate 100g

Just wanted to say how much I love the herbal rejuvenation and greens. I feel amazing and have tons of energy for the rest of the day when I take them. I m not needing any caffeine or stimulants to get me through my day. I am so pleased! A lot of the inflammation has died down since taking the herbs and tweaking my diet. I will be ordering a bigger bag of rejuvenation and greens soon because I don t want to run out! Truly amazing! Can t wait to try more herbs soon” 

Cayce - Amazing Stuff, Feel Amazing!

I have used at least a dozen different types of probiotics in the past five years and by far the best one has been this one, Syntol by Arthur Andrew Medical. I have used it in the past and am coming back to it and thinking that it may become the only one that I use in future. I have had GI difficulties since a doctor prescribed Bactrim for a Blastocystis infection in 2009 - dysbiosis and chronic diarrhea of a C diff type. The Syntol has brought balance back into my GI system in a way that other probiotics can't seem to. Whether this is a yeast imbalance or dysbiotic flora, Syntol has the ability to correct it. Without Syntol (and some of the other probiotics) I would not have been able to continue working full-time during my period of illness. Syntol has saved me.


“WOW. What a great formula. I was looking for something to rebuild my core energy from the ground up. I have been taking Rejuvenate for about 3 weeks and I am feeling a subtle, gentle building and strengthening energy from deep within. I love it. I will be recommending the formula to my clients and I will be buying more for myself for sure. Shipping speed was really fast and Owen is a gentle Soul and wonderful to work with. Thank you so much. Sharon”

Sharon - Rejuvenate 100g

“I’ve been taking brain an nerve for near two weeks now an I’m very impressed with it I have to say I could feel the benefits of the magical blend after a few days..I’m sleeping better feeling more energy in the day an better concentration an focus an sexual desires each of these herbs alone are super!! But to have them in a nice mixed blend like this is just very convenient an is a handier aswell.. my brother also got this herb mix aswell an is feeling great!! so it’s a defo if you haven’t tried this you have to well impressed an be back for more... Gabhain 👍"

Gabhain - Brain and Nerve Formula

“Well with my depression and anxiety being a major problem for me this certainly has helped, my depression is gone and I'm more focused and more in the present this herb is certainly up there with best” 

Abdul - Serenity 100g

“I bought cordyceps over a month ago and it certainly has helped with my stress, I'm clear headed and I feel more energetic. Great product"


“I love how I feel on this. (21 year old male). I use this as part of my bodybuilding/weight training program and to help with maintaining optimal hormone levels. It makes me feel extremely strong and in a pleasant mood. It significantly increases my libido too, so that is always a big bonus.”


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Shane C - USA

Rejuvenate and Supergreens - Love them! 💖

Hello Mr. Fox! :D I'm impressed by Rejuvenate (it's even better when taken with Supergreens! XD) Everytime I take them, I feel great! ^-^ I will definitely be purchasing from you again as soon as possible. o.o Taking these herbs have certainly helped me to make better decisions in my life! <3 I have decided that I will no longer drink any caffeinated drinks. I've honestly dealt with bad anxiety the past year and so, and I've been battling it constantly. But today, I've learned a hard lesson on the road on my way to work. At first I was extremely anxious and afraid, but reaching out for my wife,siblings, and parents for help brought me calm. o.o They said everything will be alright and that are always solutions. ^-^ I suddenly reflected upon my life and reminded myself how blessed I am having a family who will always be there for me. =] Life hit me real hard today, and the Universe reminded me that overall, I've never really had anything to be afraid of. I will always trust my wife! I will always trust my family! I have no reason to be anxious. I have no reason to be insecure. I promised to my wife, father, and brother that I will do better. ^-^

Jesus Tovar

Oh Yeah Baby! Hello Super Mushroom! Morning "coffee" will never be the same again! This is now my favorite Go To Tea blend. I find that after a "sample" tasting, I am no longer just a fan, I am one "hooked" user:>) You want results ... this blend just spoke to my soul and my soul said "Dude, we are in Love!" That's when you know you found the right product. (besides the price is more than fair ... which doesn't hurt!) Try This!!

Don Hall

SUPER Supergreens is super energizing and cleansing. High quality stuff. Made a huge difference in my everyday, physically, mentally, emotionally. I love it. <3 I started slowly, putting 1/2 tbsp in my morning smoothie, now 3 tbsp and it works great. It does not override the taste of my smoothie, just brings a greener (and nice) taste to it. Its effect is unmistakable. So happy I got the 1000g in the first place... TY so much!!!

Gigi - Fantastic stuff - Get the 1000g right away...

Exceptional! I am writing in lieu of Singing the Praises for Owen Fox / Higher Self Herbs! First, I have personally tried the Schizandra Berries (super clean citrus berries) Highly Recommend, I am totally addicted to the Longevity Blend (which I really ordered for a couple of doctor client-friends, and am" freaking out" (my sixties coming out I'm sure) over the Chaga results (so far). To be very fair, my review is the result of Mixing The Schizandra, Chaga and Longevity for my new morning ritual drink. The Longevity can become your favorite tea or coffee substitute, I swear! The Zingy Schizandra Berries are just FUN in any situation for a needed pick me up situation! The difference in the Many Many internet offerings is the spirit behind the product - Higher Self is purely, simply offering just that. Get out your card and order a little piece of pure bliss and happiness. I personally guarantee your delete!

Don Hall

Superb Mushroom! This (Lions Mane) has been the best herb yet for me. It had a effect from the first use. My mind feels balanced and focused. If you have adhd or anxiety or any mental inbalance i couldnt reccommend it enough. Really good quality product.”


WOW first serving this morning and got more done than I normally do in 3 or 4 days. I have depleted my body through stress the last couple of years and fatique is a big issue for me. I've tried eating as best I can and pretty much every other thing you can think of to try and boost my energy with little success. One tablespoon of this got me feeling like I hadn't put myself through any stress and energy was brilliant. Will be ordering again for sure. If you're fed up of being run down and need some help to get through the day order this...highly recommend.

George (Supergreens)

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Ami - Chaga, miracle ingredient for life

I've been taking these for years now and although have tried others, I always go back to syntol. Gentle on tummy, easy to take traveling, no need to refridgerate. Have even cracked them open and put some in my babies mouth for extra probiotics and his body which is sensitive, reacted so well!


These capsules completely changed my health! I took them for around 6 months and couldn't believe the difference. When I began taking them I used to get sick constantly, catch every flu and cold going around. After 6 months my health completely improved, I stopped getting sick, now I never catch cold and flus! Increased my energy and made me feel great! I would totally recommend these tablets to anyone wanting to improve their health. Best capules Ive ever taken, totally worth the cost!

Author's name


SUPER Supergreens is super energizing and cleansing. High quality stuff. Made a huge difference in my everyday, physically, mentally, emotionally. I love it. <3 I started slowly, putting 1/2 tbsp in my morning smoothie, now 3 tbsp and it works great. It does not override the taste of my smoothie, just brings a greener (and nice) taste to it. Its effect is unmistakable. So happy I got the 1000g in the first place... TY so much!!! - Gigi

“Owen truly has something special here out of the 7 years taking pretty much ever green formula you can think of this one is the best I started with 250 gram I will be ordering the 1000 gram from now on!!!" - Kevin

Gigi & Kevin

I love this brand !! This blend of ensymes and probiotics are one of the best I have found so far to heal your gut from anything. It is a life changer and I have use so many brands, so far the best to me I will continue buying :) I should have got the bigger size I didn’t see you have it lol.. Very very pleased that you carry this brand and particular product, thank you :) Also great customer service. Love !


“Just a quick note to say THANKYOU Owen for the Liver and Rejuvenate.. I have had them about a week and wow the past two days really noticed the difference in my energy levels and today just bounced out of bed feeling AMAZING. Cant wait to add the Greens and more to my diet. Also big thank you for the great service and advice. Eternal love, blessings and deep gratitude to you!”

Neva - USA

Serenity blend is the best herb formula I have ever come across. I would love to take thi twice daily for life. It seems pricey, so I haven't gotten it a 2nd time. I am going to get it for my own Christmas present though. I had some AMAZING dream experiences which were interactive and helped me not only deal with life traumas, but also get a better understanding of how the universe works! Sounds crazy but I swear God/Source was using this experience to symbolically explain that life is actually supposed to be an adventure. To show we make our own decisions, and are more empowered than we think we are. I highly recommend at least trying it. <3

Kristen - USA

Owen really has put together an amazing combination of herbs he truly knows his herbs. My general all round fitness and strength both physically and spiritually greatly improved when l combined the Strength formula with Tongkat Ali you will not be disappointed my passion greatly improved you will not be disappointed


heyy owen Thank you very much for the ho shou wu, it was just mind blowing and shipping is quite fast i appreciate lots of your service and herbs as well you've do a great job to satisfy your clients keep it up peace and love stay bless - Sondaree


The effects of Reishi really are more than I could have expected before taking it. It gives me a beautiful calm when I drink, makes meditation a lot easier and also seems to make me feel a lot more balanced throughout the day. I also can feel it's subtle heart opening abilities and that is really why I think it's so special. Your reishi is the best quality reishi I've come across and Im glad I found such an easy and effective spiritual aid. Thank you!

Shane - Ireland

I found this to be excellent quality chaga having tried two other brands already. The effects I could feel immediately. It boosted my mood and gave me more energy. I also notice my skin has a more even tone after only taking it a few days. I would highly recommend everyone try chaga at least once in their life to see what it can do for them

Shane - Ireland

Products from this site never cease to amaze me I bought this cordyceps along with a few other products and tested them one by one and my energy and performance levels in the gym and through out the day are on an all time high due to cordyceps another brilliant product I recommend.

I've been buying a few products from higherselfherbs recently and this Tongkat Ali is one if my favourites if I have to describe this product in one word it would be WOW that is not an overstatement I felt this product within a few hours and it is unbelievable on day 5 now of taken Tongkat Ali and it does what it says. I highly recommend this one. I'll be taking the rest of my products in the next few weeks and I'll let you all know what I think about them.

Abdulrahman (both)

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