Teeth, Dental Health & Fresh Breath

Here are some herbs, enzymes and dental hygiene tips that support and help teeth, and dental health and hygiene, from removing tartar and bad breath, to helping remineralize and strengthen our teeth and enemal.


Dental health tips:

Tip 1: Do not sip lemon or lime juice. It erodes teeth. 

Tip 2: Do not brush teeth after eating citrus such as oranges for at least 30 minutes as a very thin layer of enamel is weakened after citrus eating because it's so acidic. This naturally rebuilds itself but if we brush too soon it helps erode too easily the temporarily weakened enamel.

Tip 3. Use a water pick which is a hand held device that squirts intermittent jets of water at pressure/high pace into our mouth. Focus on getting in between our teeth (almost like flossing but much more thorough, easier to perform or gentler on our gum line) This has helped my gums stop bleeding at night personally, and also my breath is much better. My partner said i had baby breath lately!

4. Brush teeth 2-4 times per day.

5. Avoid eating too much dried fruit like figs or dates that sticks to teeth, the bacteria come in and eat it like a party, and leave acidic poop behind which helps rot the teeth. Solution is rinse with water afterwards or else simply brush a short while later. P.S Dried fruit is sweet and no acidic at all like citrus so don't be worried!

I sincerely hope this helps. Thinking of you and your family and loved ones. I know how important teeth are and we really all want to protect and preserve our teeth and smile for as long as possible.

Try Serretia, and also bones and joint formula or eucommia, and supergreens for added green minerals and lots of herbs included too that support bones and joints and teeth (and many other things)







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