Adrenals, Creative, Sexual, Reserve ENERGY

A mix of Herbs for our adrenals and sexual life-force, VITAL energy.

YIN Jing herbs to nourish, replenish, restore and strengthen ones adrenals, adrenal glands, kidneys and to boost energy, sexual energy and vitality. To increase creative power, decrease tiredness and fatigue, and to help us have a faster recovery from both sickness, disease or athletic performance.

YANG Jing herbs help to activate our sexual energy, sexual function, and sexual health. These coveted herbs used throughout history by Emperors also help with our hormones and enhance our overall well being, and tend to help drive, ambition, focus, drive, concentration, work/purpose/calling, energy, get-go and increase our passion and ability to stay on target, pull through to realize our dreams and goals. They also absolutely help in the bedroom for both men and women alike, and can often help pre menopause or menopause women who happen to be getting low in testosterone. Testosterone helps keep us young and age well, as well as increases our fires for a happy and healthy sexual life, and performance for men also. Enjoy!

It's good to balance using up our sexual and vital energy from using YANG Jing herbs with YIN Jing herbs that restore and replenish both energy and sexual liquid alike.

Love and appreciation from us our majestic, blessed happy store!

Namaste and gratitude, BIG TIME!
Owen Fox 💛 and Family 👪





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