Ho Shou Wu 15:1 100% Extract - Hair Color, Restoration, Sleep, Calm, Anxiety, Adrenal Herb
Ho Shou Wu 15:1 100% Extract - Hair Color, Restoration, Sleep, Calm, Anxiety, Adrenal Herb
Ho Shou Wu 15:1 100% Extract - Hair Color, Restoration, Sleep, Calm, Anxiety, Adrenal Herb

Ho Shou Wu 15:1 100% Extract - Hair Color, Restoration, Sleep, Calm, Anxiety, Adrenal Herb

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He Shou Wu

For rejuvenation, stress relief and brain health

If you are stressed, going prematurely grey or thinning on top, having trouble conceiving, or struggling with poor memory or poor concentration, then you need He Shou Wu. It’s one of the best tonic herbs ever for your kidney organ system, in fact it’s one of my top ten Taoist tonic herbs.

He Shou Wu is powerful for building up your reserve energy, improving your capacity to heal and recover. It’s also a great anti-stress herb that helps you to feel calmer and able to cope. It can improve the health of your brain and central nervous system, your reproductive system, your bladder, your adrenal glands, your bones, joints, tendons and ligaments.

Why does it work on so many parts of the body? He Shou Wu heals and tonifies the kidney organ system, which in Taoist and Chinese medicine relates to all of the areas mentioned. If you heal and tonify the kidney organ system, any or all of those parts of the body can improve. You may improve your memory, be able to concentrate better, and feel less pain or more flexibility in your joints and bones. You might also have increased potency or fertility. He Shou Wu can give you an abundance of that reserve energy, drive and confidence.

He Shou Wu is famous for its ability to build thick and lustrous hair, and for restoring its original colour. If you have greying hair or hair starting to recede, it will slow down or sometimes completely halt further hair loss. The name ho she wu means ‘Mr Wu’s hairy back’ and comes from a thousand year old story that says the man who discovered it was weak because he was lacking in ‘jing’ or reserve energy. His hair was going grey and falling out. He couldn’t get a wife. Then he found He Shou Wu and as a result of regular use of it, all of his hair grew back and was dark in colour again, and he married had 12 children.

He Shou Wu is excellent for replenishing your reserves. If you feel you are run down, low on energy, stressed, anxious, or have any of those issues that relate to a lack of reserve energy, ho she wu is going to build that back up.

It has a pleasant taste so if you’re using it on its own you can brew it as a tea, or you can add extra to Higher Self Herbs ‘Rejuvenate’ blend if you want more of it in there. You can put it in pretty much anything you cook that has water in it like soup or stew, to make a super-soup or super-stew. If you have the extract powder you can put it in your smoothie or your juice or just take it in water. Take on a daily basis until you feel low in stress and high in energy.

Our Ho Shou Wu Powder is extracted from prepared Ho Shou Wu growing in the southwest of China, such as Sichuan and Guangdong province.

We carefully select and only pick the finest Ho Shou Wu root for our production, all our Ho Shou Wu extracts are at least at 10:1 concentration (10 times more potent than whole herb). solvent free-extracted by pure, clean, natural water, without ever having touched a drop of non-water solvent.

What are herbal extracts? Herbal extracts are an excellent way of getting the nutrition and goodness from a herb, without the trouble of sometimes elaborate preparation. They are also a way of getting the goodness in as concentrated a form as possible.

How are herbal extracts made? The raw herbs are prepared by hot water extraction, the water is then evaporated off until all that is elf is the essential oils and active ingredients. These are then bound together in an excipient, small amounts of rice flour. This is the most pure and unadulterated way to enjoy tonic herbal extracts possible.

Purity: this vegan product is free from wheat, gluten, soya, added sugar, salt, test, lactose, preservatives, or any other fillers. Not tested on animals.

Directions: these tonic herbs are food grade and safe to use as you would culinary herbs. They can be added to any foods or drinks. Suggested uses are either to add 1/2 a teaspoon to a healthy juice or smoothie, or to prepare them as an instant tonic tea, but simply putting 1/2 a teaspoon in a cup or mug, and adding hot water.


How to take

As Joyfully and gratefully as possible, simply add 1/2 to 1 teaspoon to either cold, warm or hot water, or add to your favorite juice, smoothie or even soup! You can even eat it from the spoon should you like! Depending on the taste. I've personally done all of these!

It's also important and powerful to take intentionally and with gratitude, appreciation and thanksgiving to the plants, Mother Earth/Gaia, and the Sun, and even any and all of the humans who helped and were involved, and to all parts and elements of nature and the ecosystems that played their part in bringing this final product to you. This will enhance the vibration of the food, and your own vibration, and incur greater health benefits and benefits to us all as an energetic collective.


Joyfully, gratefully, and with generous dollops of appreciation and excitement!

Owen! :D