SUPREME ADAPTOGEN Formula - Shen & Jing, Stress, Immune and Adrenal Energy Formula

SUPREME ADAPTOGEN Formula - Shen & Jing, Stress, Immune and Adrenal Energy Formula

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This is a blend I created that gets me really excited!!!

I deliberately got together a bunch of the worlds best adaptogens and energy givers, and put them in one formula, excellent for coping with life's stresses and being able to adapt to life's many challenges it throws at us, through fortifying and strengthening our stress response, our adrenal glands and other glands, and helping us have steadier energy and relief from the burden of stress!

More calm, greater energy, and a huge whole other host of physical health benefits also.

Here is the amazing list of herbs included in this formula! Enjoy!!

Siberian ginseng
American ginseng
Holy Basil/Tulsi
Tangerine peel

Directions: 1/2 to 1tsp up to twice daily, with cold, warm or hot water as an instant tea, or added to juices, smoothies or even soup!

Take with appreciation for all the plants, all of Mother and Father Nature involved, the farmers, workers and all people involved from "there" to "here", and positive intention for your better health of body, mind and spirit.

Take with a balanced and healthy diet and lifestyle. Body, mind & spirit. Less stress, more presence, healing relationships, forgiving ourselves and others from our past, more raw and living foods, less processed foods, adequate exercise yet also enough rest, recovery and sleep is essential also. Also connecting and spending enough time in nature, deep calm breathing, sunshine on our skin without being burned is powerful for energy, hormones, health and anti-c, and also barefoot on ground important too.

Connecting with the earth skin to skin contact helps relieve negative EMF frequencies from our body/mind/spirit. Having baths with or even without salts or showers help to clean our body, but also cleanse our mind/emotions/energy field of negative energies and worry/stress/anxiety etc also. Pleas use all of Mother and Father Nature's free gifts for our well being and the well being of others, as we are all in this boat of "Life" together! And we work so much better as a team when we care for each other and look our to help, uplift and nurture one another also!

Thank you for reading and your interest in our company!!!

Warmly and gratefully!
Owen :)