Nettle Root - Hormones, Hair Loss, Testosterone, Anti-Allergy, Sexual Tonic
Nettle Root - Hormones, Hair Loss, Testosterone, Anti-Allergy, Sexual Tonic

Nettle Root - Hormones, Hair Loss, Testosterone, Anti-Allergy, Sexual Tonic

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10:1 Nettle Root Extract

  • Lowers SHBG
  • Aids in treatment of DHT (hormonal hair loss)
  • Increases free testosterone
  • Relieves benign prostatic hyperplasia (enlarged prostate)
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-allergy
  • Immune-supporting
  • Anti-aromatase activity
  • Anabolic
  • Sexual tonic

A Supreme Hormone Tonic

As we age, more and more, our systems need hormonal support to maintain balance and vibrant sex life.  Hormones go beyond benefiting your sex life, as the enabling hormones are integral components of our overall health and vitality.  One of the first things to “go with age” is our sexual drive and abilities.  Nettle root is a renowned male tonic, as seen over the course of many studies and use throughout history, but also has much to offer women, as well as overall health and immune support.

Free Testosterone and SHBG

Nettle root has a unique ability among its class of herbs to allow testosterone more freedom in the male body by releasing its bind to the glycoprotein sex hormone binding globulin, SHBG.  Overall, there are two types of testosterone, bound testosterone and free testosterone.  One the testosterone is bound, it cannot be used, and on average, there is only about 2% free testosterone.  Nettle root binds to SHBG, thus allowing the testosterone increasing freedom and utilization with continued use.  In some cases, nettle root can actually unbind the testosterone, which in turn prevents the harmful conversion into estrogen metabolites.

And for the ladies…

SHBG takes a liking to all sex hormones, not just testosterone.  Nettle root can also promote the levels of free estrogen in the body, which can prevent the conversion into the potentially harmful bound hormones.

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

BPH is an increase the cellular makeup of the prostate, which causes enlargement and discomfort.  This is a more common issue among older men, due to the prolonged exposure to male hormones that spike the growth.  Symptoms of BPH show through urination troubles, whether more frequent, uncomfortable, untimely, or difficult.  Nettle root has been seen to slow the growth of the cells that are the root cause of BPH.

Hormonal Hair Loss and DHT

DHT (Dihydronetestosterone) is the most common cause of hormonal hair loss and BPH, while also being ESSENTIAL for men’s health.  DHT is “super testosterone,” resistant to the binding to SHGB, but commonly finds its way to prostate receptors which causes enlargement, and scalp receptors, which causes balding.  Intake of nettle root can intercept the harmful binds of DHT.  This not only allows DHT to be used where it is most needed in the body, but also can prevent the subsequent hormonal balding and enlarged prostate issues.

Nettle Root and Women

Nettle root is equally as balancing to the endocrine system for women as it is for men.  It has been seen to inhibit the development of the harmful estrogenic metabolites, which are the precursors to cancers of the endocrine system.  Other conventional anti-aromatase medications are bound to a host of side effects, making nettle root a leading contender in natural medicine.  Nettle root has been used to treat PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), though scientific backup has yet to be generated.  Through addressing the excess of harmful hormones, there are many exciting possibilities for women’s health, as well.

Extensive Benefits of Nettle Root

Nettle root has rightfully gained considerable popularity due to its successes in men’s health, but there is a myriad of additional benefits that can be transformative for both men and women.

  • Immune System Support
  • Scalp and Hair Tonic
  • Joint Health
  • Astringent
  • Urinary Regularity and Health
  • Anti-aromatase
  • Anabolic (increasing protein in cells)
  • Sexual Health and Vitality

The whole energetic imprint of stinging nettle is astounding, from root to leaf to seed, this herb has incredible capabilities.  The root itself has been widely popularized throughout Europe, and its benefits are continually being uncovered.

Directions: Add 1/2 – 1 teaspoon(more or less depending on your taste and experience level) to 8 oz of hot water. Mix and enjoy. This powder can also be added to smoothies, juices, and protein shakes. Lastly, you can just eat the powder right from the bag as it is a pure extract and ready to consume as is.

Disclaimer: Statements on this page have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent disease.




Urinary Fuction/UTI:

Prostate Cancer:

How to take

As Joyfully and gratefully as possible, simply add to either cold, warm or hot water, or add to your favorite juice, smoothie or even soup! You can even eat it from the spoon should you like! Depending on the taste. I've personally done all of these!

It is extra beneficial and powerful to take intentionally and with gratitude, appreciation and thanksgiving to the plants, Mother Earth/Gaia, and the Sun, and even any and all of the humans who helped and were involved, and to all parts and elements of nature and the ecosystems that played their part in bringing this final product to you. This will enhance the vibration of the food, and your own vibration, and incur greater health benefits and benefits to us all as an energetic collective.


Joyfully, gratefully, and with generous dollops of appreciation and excitement!

Owen! :D